Vienna, Austria


I can't believe I feel so far behind in my blogging but at the same time I can. We were constantly on the go touring the city all day and coming home late and then waking up, getting ready and out the door we were so keeping up with blogging was rough. But now I'm back in the states and ready to share the rest of my photos!

Vienna was lovely! To be completely honest, Austria was probably my least favorite country we visited but it was still so cool to be there. We had a great time walking around the city even though it was rainy most of the time but we still got to see some really cool stuff. Right outside of our hostel was an amazing food market that had all kinds of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, breads, souvenirs, etc. It was so hard not to buy everything there. We got to see the gardens at the Belvedere Palace, we toured inside Shünbrunn Palace, and had dinner with a local. But my all time favorite part was touring St Stephen's Cathedral.

We originally decided to just go inside St. Stephens just to check it out but then decided to do the Catacombs tour. It was so fascinating because we got to see rooms full of piles and piles of actual human bones. The tour guide said that even Motzart's bones are in there. At the end of the tour we made friends with the tour guide and asked us if we had done the tour to see the Pummerin Bell and when we said no, he took us up for free! There we got to see the bell and the city begin to light up as the sun was setting. Then the elevator got stuck so we couldn't get down so we had to walk around the whole roof to get to a super narrow spiral staircase that we took and led us into the attic. We couldn't believe that we were inside the attic of such a famous cathedral. We got to see the doors where they lower the chandeliers into the cathedral, we got to see a replica of a hamster wheel they use to lift the stones to build the church, and we got to see some original head stones of some popes that were destroyed during WW2. We were seriously blown away by what we were experiencing. Finally we got to go on the balcony that's on the front of the church and even go into some rooms that were roped off in the actual sanctuary. It was seriously so cool! That will be a memory that will never be forgotten!