Zeal Living & Give With Joy Product Shoot

Hey guys! I thought I would jump on and blog this session really quick. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a couple behind the scenes moments from this shoot at Sapor Coffee & Concepts in Denver a couple weeks ago. Caitlin of Zeal Living and Aneta of Give With Joy are friends and decided to do a product shoot together. More so that they can model for each other, support each other, and just grab coffee and have fun together. I enjoyed being a part as well. There was a good buzz going on as both of the girls got all of their products ready for the models or for the next product shot! When looking at the shots keep an eye out for the Zeal Living jewelry and beaded wall hangings and Give With Joy’s paper goods! I want all of it!

And if you yourself own a small shop or need headshots or product shots, I thoroughly enjoy working with small shops and would love to do it more so please get in touch!

Brianne & Jason are Engaged!

Hey There!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged here but I’m super excited to get back into it and share more photos from the sessions I’ve been doing. So I guess we’ll jump right into it….. This session of Brianne and Jason was so fun! I’m seriously so blessed to get to work with people who like to have fun and have good conversation during our shoots. I mean that’s pretty much not even work for me! Plus we laughed half the time, froze our ever-loving butts off, and simply had a grand ‘ol time all across God’s good land in the snow. And can I just tell you about this snow really quick… this snow was so cold that the top layer was frozen. When we first stood on it we were like “yeah ok we’re good” but talk about a false security that we weren’t going to fall into a deep hole as the snow pretended like it was going to hold us up but then we’d fall in ankle deep and all our hopes were shattered. Oh man, who am I? That’s the first time I’ve been so dramatic. Ankle deep snow! Boohoo! It’s just the worst when snow gets in your boot so that’s why I’m being a cry baby. Anywayyyyyy, isn’t that barn stunning?! Also aren’t Brianne and Jason such a cute couple? I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in August. Take a look at how much fun we had and seriously how cute they are….