We are human and tend to forget. Our minds get weaker with age and we live so much life that it's impossible to remember every single moment; even the important ones. Time stops for no one and life continues on and before you know it our favorite memories begin to fade; unless you capture them. Our lives are priceless. There is nothing more important than life and the moments we live with the people we love. Capturing those moments may feel like an investment up front but because photos last a life time and become precious treasures we hold onto, how can our memories not be worth it?



You shine, love! You are finding your way in this world and discovering who you are. Let's capture who you are now, in this very moment, and all you have to offer.

Packages starting at $350



Love is one of the greatest things this world knows. It takes courage to be in love and we need more people who will take the risk. Your wedding day is your declaration so let's show the world together!

Packages starting at $2500



Sometimes we fall in love with our best friends and can't imagine our lives without the other. Let's photograph the moments with the one you love, you're BFF.

Packages starting at $350



These people have been with you through thick and thin. They've seen your best and your worst and yet they love you fiercely. Photographing you all together will be priceless!

Packages starting at $350



Do you do any other types of photography?

Yes! I can also do headshots, product photography, photos for your business social media, styled shoots, babies, etc. If you have an idea shoot me an email and let's talk about your vision!

How would you describe your style of photography?

I would say my style is bright, I like to try to capture emotion and real moments between people, but I also like to photograph portraits of people so that when they look at the photo they feel beautiful. My style has been described by many of my friends and clients as fun, bright, clean, eloquent, emotional, energetic, sincere, captivating, memorable, airy, simple, sweet, elegant, vibrant, classy, artsy, etc. Take a look around and see if you agree with any of these!

Where will my shoot be?

We can do it wherever you like! Sometimes my clients already have an idea in their head of where they want their shoot to be and sometimes they don't. If you don't, no worries. I usually give you some options of general locations and then we can narrow it down from there. Some ideas might be mountains, lakes, rivers, downtown, inside your cool house, a coffee shop, a library. 

Clothes- what should I wear?

Anything you like! I want you to wear what you feel awesome in. Although I do suggest staying away from super busy patterns. But if you feel awesome in a gown or a tux, let's shoot in that. If you feel awesome in ripped jeans and a chunky sweater, let's do it! If we're doing a couples shoot I would suggest don't exactly match each other but complement each other by wearing complementing colors from a color palette. Same goes for family sessions.

What is the best time of day to shoot?

I usually suggest sunrise or just before sunset so depending on the time of year that can be a wide range of times. Summer we can be shooting at 6/7pm. Winter maybe more like 3:30/4pm.

When will I get my photos?

After my shoots I always like to share a sneak peek from our session within a few days after shooting. After that give me about 2 weeks to get them back to you via online gallery.

Do I get a CD with my photos?

Not usually. If you want one I can get one to you but once the images are edited I will upload them to an online gallery and send you the link where you can download them straight to your computer. 


Shoot me an email if you have any other questions!