Venice, Italy

Hello again!

Man, this tour has been so amazing and so adventurous! Planning this trip, we decided to kind of make it a "go with the flow" kind of trip with a flexible schedule. Yeah, we made an itinerary but nothing is ever set in stone until about a week before we do it. Our trip to Venice was a type of a "go with the flow" moment. After Rome we originally planned to go to Florence but decided we wanted to save those days for something else in our trip so we headed straight to Venice.

Venice was unbelievable! Parts of it were kind of how I imagined, like watching the gondolas in the waterways or getting lost in all of the walkways, and there were some parts that were unexpected such as the fact that there were no cars, scooters, or even bikes on the Islands. You basically have to walk everywhere or take a water taxi to get to some spots.

A few things that we did while in Venice were ride a gondola, explored the islands and purposefully got lost, saw and walked across the Rialto Bridge, hung out at the Piazza San Marco, ate LOTS of Italian food, had more Gelato, and watched the Venetians start to get ready for/ celebrating Carnival di Venezia (which was super cool by the way)!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Italy and will miss it so much! Here are a few photos from Venice as well as a video I made on my phone: