Top 5 Ways to Prepare for the Best Shoot Ever!

So you've spoken with your photographer and scheduled your shoot but then it hits you.... you don't know what happens in photo shoots. "What do I wear? Where will it take place? Do I bring anything?" All of this is new and you don't have time to spend Googling it. That's where this post comes in handy! Here is how to prepare:

1. Location, location, location: The location you pick sets the tone for the shoot. You can go with fresh and adventurous in the mountains and forest where you can play on trails or in wildflowers or you can go with a modern, moody, or grungy feel by going into the city with different colored buildings and hidden alley ways. You can also do golden wheat fields, charming old towns, or even mysterious abandoned buildings. You may not know what you like the best so talk to your photographer. As they ask you questions get to know you they might have some great suggestions based off of your personality and things you're interested in.


2. Time of Day: You may not know it but time of day is a big factor in great photos. The most complimenting light usually happens SUPER early in the morning, in the evening when the Sun isn't so high in the sky, or when it's cloudy outside. You see, when the sun is right above you it shines light that'll cast harsh shadows on your face causing you have dark circled under your eyes and shadows under your nose and lips (which aren't very flattering either). If you need your shoot to be during the day for scheduling purposes, maybe pick a location that has lots of objects to block the sun such as the city with lots of buildings or the forest with lots of trees. 


3. Your Outfit: Clothing is an expression of who you are and when it comes to photo shoots it can be really hard to know what you want them to say about you. Or maybe you could care less about clothes and just want to look nice for some photos lol. Either way here are some tips:  

Seniors- I suggest wearing something that you feel awesome and confident in! That could be your favorite dress from H&M, your favorite pair of jeans from Target, or your most expensive shirt that you got in NYC from a chic boutique. But if you want a couple options, I suggest bringing some versatile pieces and a couple layers such as scarves, jackets, belts, or necklaces. If you want even more options, try to bring a casual outfit and a more dressy outfit. That way you can add pieces or remove pieces so you get multiple combinations as well as different types of photos.

Families- If you have young kids I know it's not the easiest to get them dressed the way you want them to but in general, as a whole, it's always nice when a family wears clothes from a specific color palette. Also, you don't want every one to wear something too match-matchy (yes I did just say that) because you want everyone to feel comfortable in their outfits and each person should feel like themselves. 

Engagements- Your photos will probably be used in your save-the-dates or on your website or even printed at your wedding so your outfits are important. You both want to wear clothes where the colors compliment each other while avoiding colors that wash you out.  Also, try to dress up a little bit. A dress or a nice blouse is good for the girls and a button up shirt for the guys always adds some class. Lastly girls, make sure your nails are painted for those important ring shots!

Last tips for all- 

  1. Make sure your clothes are ironed. Wrinkles show up easier in photos.
  2. Accessorize. Scarves, jewelry, belts, and bowties can really pull your whole look together.
  3. Dress for the season. You don't want to wear a sandles or a tank top when it's winter. You'll probably be super uncomfortable and look super tense.
  4. Girls, avoid wearing clothes that show bra straps otherwise wear a strapless bra. 


4. What to bring- Once the day of the shoot is a few days away, there is often the question "am I suppose to bring something?" The answer is... it depends. If you want the location and your outfits to do the talking in your shoot then all I would suggest bringing are full bellies, some water, and your anticipation for a good time. If you want to add a little extra "umpf" to your photos it's always fun to bring some props! Most people don't do this unless they have something very specific in mind but it never hurts to bring balloons, books, instruments, bubbles, chalk board signs, or cute blankets. But remember, letting your photographer know that you have props in mind is very important because this allows the photographer to come up with some cool ideas on how to use the props differently than you may have thought. 

*Note*- Sometimes I like to bring my own props if I feel like they will fit with your shoot or if I want to try something new so don't be too surprised if I bring something. Lol


5. Be prepared- To make sure everything goes smoothly, pick out your outfits ahead of time and set them aside the night before. Along with your clothes, set aside your props(if you have any), pack your waters/snacks (if you feel those are necessary), iron your clothes, confirm the time and location with your photographer, and ask any last minute questions. If you have everything ready the night before you won't be so stressed if you you can't find your favorite pair of shoes when it's time to leave or when you realize you didn't bring your prop because you were hustling to get out out the door. Secondly, trust your photographer. You may be afraid you may look awkward in the photos or that your kids are going to scream the whole time but trust me when I say that we know how to work around it! After that it's smooth sailing so get pumped because it's going to be fun!