Shuahna + Dominic// Boulder, CO

Hey guys! 

Today on the blog I have some engagement photos of the sweetest couple that we took at a gorgeous lake in Boulder, Colorado. I had so much fun shooting Shuahna and Dominic's photos because they are both so kind and sweet and knew how to have a good time! Plus, I could tell they really love and care for each other and it was so sweet to watch their interactions. They made me want to say "aweeeeee" the whole time! Check out their photos and don't tell me you don't want to say "aweeee" either!

*Announcement*-  I have decided to add a new aspect to my photo shoots... interviews. One of the main reasons I do photography is to tell a story and I felt like there was something I could add to my posts so, I had the idea that along with capturing great photos, I would also interview my clients to better capture who they are. Luckily Shuahna and Dominic agreed and volunteered to be the first of my interviewees so not only do I hope you enjoy their photos but I hope you also enjoy their story.


How did you guys meet?
Shuahna: We met on my first day of college. Dominic was a friend of my sister's and I thought he was just another one of her attractive friends. Little did I know that I would fall in love with him and marry him five years later.

Dominic: I first met her when she was waiting to be shown her classes by her older sister. I remember seeing her wonderful smile and her cute face and thought she would be an amazing friend. From that point on she became my best friend and favorite smile to see every day.

How did he propose?
Shuahna: Dominic took me on a scavenger hunt to all of our favorite places. At each stop, there were important friends that we had made throughout our relationship. The very last stop, was where we met. He was so nervous but of course I said yes.

Dominic: She told me the first year we were dating that if I ever proposed, she wanted it to be under fireworks. She started to catch on that I would propose to her on 4th of July, so I kept the proposal for 4th of July and took her to spots around Boulder area that were special to us and ended where we first met. Although not under fireworks, the spark was still there surrounded by our friends and with her there with me. 


When did you know you loved him/her?
Shuahna: One day, Dominic was driving me home in his truck and he was just being so silly and singing along to all the songs. It had been a stressful day and he was being so carefree. I remember just looking at him and telling myself that I knew I loved him.

Dominic: When I went to school temporarily at CU Denver for a semester, we would walk to Starbucks on Larimer Square and grab coffee in the winter. One day while it was snowing, we were walking down Larimer Square with our coffee and when I looked into her eyes, I knew right there that I can spend every winter for the rest of my life with her and want to have these special moments with only her. That is the significance of her snowflake charm on her charm bracelet. 

What was the most memorable date that you guys have been on?
Shuahna: Our vacation to California was amazing. He took me on an amazing date to Disneyland. 

Dominic: So far the most memorable date was a vacation to California, where we went to Disneyland, San Diego, and Los Angeles. They were days I will never forget!

What’s your biggest goal or dream as a married couple?
Shuahana: Our biggest dream is to have a healthy and happy family. I wish to accomplish all things together and face our obstacles hand in hand.

Dominic: Our biggest dreams are to have a healthy family and see each of us achieve our career dreams. 

What attracted you to him/her?
Shuahna: He was sooooo friendly! He was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life. He also had a very charming smile and laugh.

Dominic: Her warm and cheerful smile and her wonderfully compassionate spirit.

What is the best marriage advice you have received thus far?
Shuahna: never stop enjoying the little things with one another and don't take each other for granted

Dominic: Never take her for granted, ever.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Shuahna: We love to cuddle. We are also kids at the heart and Disney fanatics. We are very up to date on all the latest Pixar movies. We love to travel together but when we can't, movies are our go to date nights.

Dominic: Movie night at the theatre is always a favorite of ours, along with painting and keeping our imaginations wondering.

What are you looking forward to the most in marriage?
Shuahna: Starting and ending our days together. Fighting all our battles together and being together physically and emotionally every day.

Dominic: Waking up next to her and starting/ending my day with her by my side.


What is your favorite thing to do together on your day off?
Shuahna: We enjoy going to our favorite restaurants that are a bit further of a drive. We like to make most of the day, start early and end late. Dom is very simple and loves to do things like walk around the mall, even if we don't buy anything. 

Dominic: We like to spend time cuddling and talking about our week and our goals. It has been these times that have made our relationship strong.


What is something special about him/her that most people don’t see?
Shuahna: Dom has such a big heart and a huge capacity to love others. He's really silly, smart, and loves ice cream, even in negative degree weather.

Dominic: After a long, difficult day, her smile always makes me feel like the best day ever.

When you both are old and gray, what do you hope to see when you look back on your life?
Shuahna: I hope that we are still kids at the heart. We will still look at each other and love one another as if we were still in our 20's.

Dominic: That our love guided us through our life and that the person right next to me through the whole journey, is her.

So what do you think? Do you like the interview? Did it make the post too long? Did I have too many questions or was it just right? I would appreciate any feedback in the comments. Thanks so much and congrats to Shuahna and Dominic! 


With felicity,