Shoot & Share Finalist

Hello there!

I wanted to share some exciting news!

Earlier this year I submitted 12 photos(even though I could have submitted 40) in a photo contest called Shoot & Share where there were 73,883 people involved, 110,928 photos submitted in several categories, and there were 23,154,356 total votes by other photographers on all of these photos. A couple weeks ago the result finally came back and I wanted to share them with you.

Two of my photos were finalists, one was in the top 10%, and three were in the top 30%. I would say with that many people in the contest and that many photos posted, those results are pretty dang awesome! Since I only posted 12, half of my photos were awarded in some way. How cool!

Thanks to everyone has supported me and trusted me to shoot their photos! Can't wait to try again next year!


P.S. The originals of these photos are not blurry. I copied these from the internet with the awards on them so they're not the best quality.