It's time for my BIG announcement

My Big Announcement!


If you subscribed to my mailing list you already heard this yesterday but if you haven't, here is my big announcement (drum roll please):
I will no longer be working a full time job so that I can pursue photography more full time! 

Can you say "Hallelujah?"

This is a HUGE deal for me because of a few reasons:
1) I had a great job at a health care facility but my soul was dying inside. I was only staying for the benefits, money,  and free health care. It was stable, secure, and predictable but it's not what I am passionate about.
2) I knew I wanted to pursue photography full time but didn't think that would happen for another few years. I figured I could do it when I was a stay at home mom.
3) My husband will be able to cover most of my income with his new job and really pushed me and supported me to make this move.

So can you believe it? I will have more time in my day to shoot your photos and edit them too. I can't wait to do more of what I love and create awesome pictures! This is literally a dream come true!

Want to know how this is possible?

Some times people will share only the best things in their lives on social media and everyone assumes they've got it together. No body shares the sacrifice or the hardship that we go through to get there so I thought I would share a little bit about my story. 

First of all, David and I have been on a 2yr financial journey where we have worked our tails off to get out of debt and to save up money for an emergency fund, just in case our cars break down or we lose our jobs. We have taken Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class online and then his Legacy Journey class at a local church. We have spent hours toiling over our budget to get it right and have sacrificed fun things we enjoy so we can save money for our emergency fund. 
Along with that I have stayed at a job for money, and was actually a good job, but who I am was weeping on the inside daily as I would have to spend my days doing something I hated. I felt like my quality of life was dull and I would count the hours down until the day was over and count the days down until the weekend. 
Also, David got his foot in the Sales industry and really applied himself and learned the industry well. We have paid a good chunk of money for him to do sales training so that he can be the best at his skill. All of his work has paid off and he landed an excellent job where he will be able to cover most of my income to allow me to pursue my dream. 
Lastly, I have spent and continually spend hours learning techniques of photography by doing workshops, by practicing, reading books and reading tons of blogs and because of that, I have a chance at owning a small successful business.

I am so excited for this new season and want you to know that I was not handed this opportunity. I have stewarded my gift and money and constantly continue to do so and because of that I now have the chance to use it to it's full capacity. So please celebrate with me and as you do, don't forget that you too have the potential and the will to chase your dream if you really want it! We're all just figuring out how to get there!