Vasquez Family Photos//Golden, Co

     This family is SO beautiful and I'm not being biased just because they are my family :-)! Every one of them is seriously so amazing and I am, without a doubt, proud to call them family! I know life has been rough for them but I must say that they have all grown so much and have learned some of the hardest lessons in life but it's been so amazing to see them link arms and pull each other through. The girls, Lexi(18), Sadie(16), and Leah(14) are growing to be such beautiful young woman and I've loved watching them discover themselves as they get through teen hood. Plus, they are some of the strongest girls I know and with the relationship they have with each other, I get so jealous I never had sisters growing up. They are each not only beautiful on the outside(as you can clearly see) but they are even more beautiful on the inside. Buddy, A.K.A Alex (10), is growing up to be an amazing kid. He is so kind and gentle and seems quiet at first but once he warms up to you he's definitely a character. All the kids are a blast and they all make me laugh until my belly hurts and until I almost pee my pants. They all have such an amazing relationship with each other and also with their mom Angela.

     My auntie is SO strong! She has been through so much in her life and still is so loving and kind and when you talk to her, she makes you feel like you're the most important person in the room! She is definitely and inspiration to me and even though we don't hang out much, she is definitely a really good friend! Her life has been so hard and I'm glad she has been able to find Michael who makes her really happy! Together they have the cutest baby in the world, Macy! Macy is a whopping 10months and already has so much character! She is so sweet and loving and absolutely adores her older siblings and vice versa! She really is a joy and adds so much to the family and she is so dang cute! Hope you enjoy!