Vince + Justice Engaged//Brighton, Co

I can't even explain to you how excited I am about this post! Not just because the photos turned out really cute but because they are photos of my brother Vincent and his lovely new fiancé Justice. My brother and I are really close and we are each others biggest fans so when he told me he was starting to plan his proposal, I squealed like the girl that I am and wanted to know ALL of his ideas! Vince was kind enough to ask my mom and I to help and as the plan was coming together, I was dying for the day when everything would unfold! 

Vince planned his proposal on a Sunday morning at his and Justice's church called Genesis Church. He wanted to propose in front of everyone who is important to them so their family, friends, and community were there to witness the big question. Once Pastor Jeff finished his sermon, Vincent went up there (which is common for him) to "share" something from his Bible and also pulled Justice up there with him. Vincent carved a spot in the pages of the bible he was holding and stuck the ring in there so when he was done sharing, he opened up the Bible, pulled out the ring and popped the question. Of course she said yes!!!

After the service we held an engagement party for them and I had a chance to steal them away to take a few photos in the rain. Hope you enjoy these photos of these two lovies!