Why I Love What I Do

Hello there!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read this post. I know it's not one of the most exciting posts but there are two reasons why I wanted to write this:

1. To inform you all why I enjoy photography and what I love about each category (i.e. seniors, families, weddings).

2. To also remind myself why I do what I do. It's so important to know your why before you can do your what and also to remind yourself about it regularly. 

So with all of that said, here we go!

Family Photos

I will start by explaining why I love family photography. When I was a kid my parents took SO MANY photos of my brother and I. We literally have hundreds in albums and in a huge bin that barely fits under the bed. Although only few of them were with a professional photography studio, I treasure all of them. They now mean a lot to me after having two cousins commit suicide, my grandfather passing, my great grandmother passing, and also now that my parents are divorced. They remind me of a happy childhood, a close knit family, and lots of love. When I photograph other families I hope that my photos will be ones that they treasure or that their kids will treasure when they're older.

Senior Portraits

Oh my goodness, how I love high school seniors! Even though they usually start out nervous I love when they finally relax and are totally themselves. Seniors are so adventurous and usually willing to do almost anything which makes for some pretty epic photos. Plus just focusing on photographing one person can help me really get to know them and figure out ways to better capture them, which is what I wish I had when I was a senior. When I was in high school I went to a studio for my senior photos where they had an outside garden area and indoor space. They took quite a few photos but could only pic 5 poses that I wanted to order prints from. I like offering my seniors a session where we can go to the places they love or focus on a feel that they want in their photos and then give them more than 5 photos. This time in their life is so important and one to remember as they transition into adulthood and I love being there to capture that moment in time with intentionality and fun!

Fashion, Editorial, and Styled Shoots

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this type of photography. I have so much fun planning these shoots and photographing them. These types of shoots are pretty much my playground. I can dream up anything that I want and as long as I can create it (usually with help from an amazing team), I can photograph it. I love being able to focus on a shoot that is uncommon. A shoot that is to inspire others and get their creative juices flowing. I would say I feel the most alive during these shoots. I feel the most creative, expressive, and daring to try new things. I feel as if my ideas, dreams, and emotions are being expressed and manifested into real life during these shoots and it's an amazing feeling!

Wedding Photography

There is so much about wedding photography that I love. From the smell of the wedding bouquet to the details on the dress, from the joy on the brides face to watching all of her best friends come around her on her big day, from the look of her fathers face when he first sees her to the first kiss as husband and wife, I can't get enough. I love weddings because there is so much weight to the day (in a good way). A wedding is when two people who love each other with their whole hearts decide to commit their lives to one another and that's a big deal. There is weight to their words, to their vows, to the act of marriage and, everyone can feel it. Two people are becoming one and two families are being intertwined. How beautiful is it to see such love and harmony and joy! Plus, I love getting to be behind the scenes for it all and capturing the day as it happens. A wedding is a big deal and huge responsibility to photograph and it is one that I don't take lightly- but I can't help but celebrate with my couples and their families because marriage is something to be celebrated!


So there you have it. I literally LOVE my job and could not have asked for anything better. Getting to know people and their loved ones is my jam that's for sure!

Thanks for reading,