Meg & Joe Adopt!

Hi Guys!

Today I have one of those ooey gooey fuzzy feeling stories! I recently went to Cincinnati to visit my brother-in-law(my husbands brother) and sister-in-law because we wanted to witness our niece and nephew officially be adopted. Joe & Meg were fostering them for over a year and a half/almost 2 years after they came out of a not so good situation. All of us fell in love with the kids so when the option to adopt them came up of course Joe & Meg said yes! It was a long process but when they gave us the adoption date we bought tickets and we were on our way! It was literally the sweetest weekend together. We ate delicious food together, had good conversation catching each other up on our lives, video chatted one of my other brother-in-laws who is in the Israel Defense Forces, prayed over the kids, went out for coffee & GF/DF treats, snuggled all the kiddos, drank tea & coffee, took a few family photos, and then went to the courts to watch Z and Shay be adopted! Take a look:

First, here are some family photos IF you care to look through. I think Hazel (my daughter-brown hair) and Lucy my niece look alike! Also Lucy is so freaking cute I can’t get over it! And Z & Shay bring so much light to our lives!

Ok Ya’ll! Now for the most epic moment ever! It wasn’t very eventful as far as the actual court hearing went… there was just a lot of questions the Judge asked Joe and Meg and there wasn’t any kind of specific ceremony or moment (like the kiss during a wedding) besides the Judge’s final sentence where she stated that Joe & Meg were seen fit to be Z & Shay’s official parents. BUT everyone in the room (which there was A LOT of people in the room) felt all the feels as we were witnessing a moment that changed Z, Shay, Joe, Meg, & Lucy’s life forever. A moment that was really going to change all of our lives forever. We were all there to support and witness this family officially become a family and to welcome with open arms Z & Shay into each of our lives! What a sweet sweet day!

Welcome Ezekiel Justice Lewin and Shay Amelia Lewin!