Happy Anniversary to Us!

Photo Credit: Rachel Ruge Photography

Hello there!

Today is me and my husband's 4 year anniversary!! I literally cannot believe it's been that long because I feel like I just married him lol. I guess that's what happens when you're in love. Time flies.

So who loves love stories? I sure do! That's partly why I photograph them lol. Today I thought I would share with you a little bit about our love story and a timeline of how we became Mr. and Mrs. Lewin!

So that timeline is the bare bones of our story so if you want more details here they are:

  • We met at his family's house church when I got back from an internship at the International House of Prayer. 6 months later we started hanging out.
  • 1 month later he asked me to court him and told my parents his intentions were to see if we were to be married. I freaked out!
  • 5 months later David told Alicia he loved her and Alicia reciprocated. 
  • 4 months later David proposed (that story is below).
  • 1 year later (almost to the day) David and Alicia got married.

Here are some photos of our timeline:

Here I am during my Fire in the Night internship at the International House of Prayer just weeks before I met David. (Crazy how much I have changed and my style has changed, but then again I was just 18 and yes, I do look like a baby haha):



David as a zealous college student and worship leader:


The night David asked Alicia to court:


Engagement day (The Proposal Story):

One day I was walking up to my bedroom and when I got to the top of the stairs I found rose petals leading into my room. Upon entering, I found this HUGE box! On it was a letter explaining that the box contained 7 little boxes that I had to open one day at a time. Every box had a letter in it explaining why he put the contents in that specific box and it all had to do with our relationship. Some of the box topics included purity, hard times, who I am as a person, etc. Every day I would wake up and excitedly open another box until it was time to open the last box. In it was a small black locked box and no key. The letter David wrote explained how he was going to come to my house before sunrise the next day and take me on a hike and how I MUST bring the last locked box with me and he would bring the key. 

The next morning at about 5 am I heard pebbles on my window. I opened it up and there was David Lewin sitting on the hood of my dads truck singing a new song he wrote for me. Once he was done he climbed a ladder to my room (that my dad secretly put there the night before) with a bouquet of sunflowers and escorted me down the ladder. We then drove 45min to the mountains in Boulder, Colorado and hiked to watch the sun rise. As the sun was rising David asked for the locked box and pulled the key out of his pocket and gave it to me. I opened it and in there was a journal and a little white box. After he proposed he explained the journal was what he called his wife journal. It was full of letters he had written through his late teen years and early 20s to his future wife about how he couldn't wait to fall in love with her. Because he was proposing we knew I was going to be his wife so he gave it to me. David then pulled out the little white box and asked me to marry him and of course I said "YES"!

After we spent time together on the mountain we went to breakfast at the Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder, went to a movie, then made our way to my house. When we arrived my mom planned a surprise(to me) engagement party where we were greeted with family and friends. We told them about the day, David played his new song he wrote for me, and everyone surrounded us to pray for us and bless us in our marriage.

It was THE best day ever!!

Now we are at our 4 year anniversary and couldn't be happier! 


Here are a few photos from our engagement shoot and our wedding:

Photo Credit: Rachel Ruge Photography


P.S. Every year we share on my Instagram what we have learned about marriage that year so be sure to follow me here to see what we put for this year.

P.S.S. Check out this music video David made for me for our wedding and also our wedding promo video:

(Video Credit: Z and Z Imaging)