Lexi Fashion Shoot//Denver, Co

Hey guys!

Today on the blog is an amazing shoot in the city of downtown Denver. This past week I did a photo shoot with my cousin Lexi where I had the chance to shoot and edit different from my usual style. Lexi and I were talking about doing a shoot and she said she had something in mind she wanted to try so of course I accepted the challenge and it turned out really cool!

You may have seen her in some of my photos before because I've done her senior photos and family photos with my aunt and other cousins. Lexi just graduated from high school and is working this summer with our grandfather at his glass company. Lexi enjoys doing hair and make up and is considering going to beauty school. I think she would be excellent at it! 

Well take a look at just a few photos from the shoot. I think they turned out pretty cool! 

And I just love the photos where her sister Sadie jumped in at the end!