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Barcelona, Spain

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I finally have Barcelona on the blog! Barcelona was an awesome city. Our apartment was right in the El Born district so we didn't have to venture far at all to see awesome stuff. There were restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars all on the first floor so everything was very close by. Plus, the beach was about a 20 minute walk so we made sure to stop there a couple of times too. 

I really liked Barcelona because the people were pretty laid back, I could speak the language a little better than all of the other ones, and it was the warmest country we visited at this time of year. We also had an amazing time watching a live Flamenco performance which was definitely one of my favorite moments from the whole trip. The performers were so passionate and seemed to really love what they do.

My favorite site that I saw here was the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. It has so many detailed carvings on the outside and just very extravagant stone work. Then the inside was even more grand. Talk about vaulted ceilings, amazing pillars, and stained glass windows. With the sun shining through it looked like they captured a rainbow and stored it in the building. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Paris, France

Paris France

Oh Paris! You are lovely!

Paris was such a fun city! There is definitely lots to do there and lots to see and even more to eat! Surprisingly, Paris reminded me a lot New York. There are tons of people, lots of hustle and bustle, lots of restaurants and shops, etc. We got to see so many cool sights including the Sacre-cœur Basilica that has an amazing view of the city right in front of it, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower during the day and at night, The Lourve Museum, the Mona Lisa, the Arc de Triomphe, and a few others.

I would have to say that some of my favorite parts about visiting Paris was eating lots of yummy foods and pastries (like macarons!!!!), roaming through the side streets where we found lots of amazing boutiques, riding a carousel next to the Eiffel Tower, of course seeing the Mona Lisa (which is a lot smaller than expected), and visiting this cute square where lots of artists gather to paint and sell their art work. It was so magical visiting this city! We loved every minute!